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Video Games Contributing to Health & Fitness

Posted on May 15, 2012 AT 09:26am

Video Games Contributing to Health & Fitness

Most can agree we are tired of hearing, “all videos games are unhealthy” as they are often blamed for a big contribution to obesity when they could actually be part of the solution. Well, not every video game requires a couch and a controller to play. Among the wide variety of physically active video games are some of the most popular activities to help your body and mind stay sharp and in shape. Thumbs do not help you here. These “get up and go” games are those allowing you to play your favorite sports such as, racing, bowling or even playing tennis with your avatar. Some games even offer yoga or just simply an adventure and keep expanding with more categories.

“You are the controller”, the slogan for Kinect on Xbox 360 could not be more true. The Kinect also reminds you from time to time to take a break and to rehydrate to keep you from over working yourself and helping prevent possible injury. Also available to help you exercise is the Wii Fit, both systems offering a huge selection of games to choose from, fitting all tastes that will help get you moving. Even if at-home workout equipment and exercise videos eliminate the need for going to the gym, video games still offer a cheaper solution and an improved experience. By adding point systems, time and time limits, and high scores, encouragement is developed to help people with personalities that thrive on competition to stick with these activities. With that said, there comes many more upsides to be listed. Many out of shape as well as in-shape people participate in these various exercises as long as those exercises stay fun, new, and exciting. Another plus about this type of gaming, if starting out at an early age, could help prevent childhood obesity and other disadvantages.

Some people might think of it is as just fun and games rather than just exercise. Even by adding this edition to any household could bring the whole family together for a night of fun or possibly a group workout session. This can also give individuals a chance to learn and experience new things along the way. This method could open up many doors to people for a chance to achieve a personal goal or fulfill a New Year’s Resolution. So many opportunities blossomed when released to the public.

Gyms could even purchase and install these systems and their games into their own facilities for another form of efficient exercise or even additional profit. Not only fitness centers, but studios and yoga centers too could also make these positive additions. There are difficulty settings in those games for the beginners to the experts and with the chance to learn will sharpen your hand/eye coordination. This sort of thing takes a lot of time, energy, patience, but most of all, commitment and confidence. In my opinion, as a witness and a participant, I feel this really is the best way to get and/or stay in shape. According to the United Health Group, seventy percent of 1,015 adults surveyed agreed with me. Fifty-four percent said physically active video games encourage them to exercise. It looks and sounds a lot better than someone screaming in your face while you are trying to better yourself, right? It is also a better alternative to paying some one to boss you around and will keep your wallet a bit thicker!

Kinect and Wii Fit games are commonly designed for all age groups, so you don’t have to worry about violence or failing. I would encourage those who are concerned about their health or self-image to take advantage of this opportunity to change or play and just have fun. Did I mention, no assembly required?

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